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How to lengthen the life of your furniture

Furniture are costly, and buying a piece or two for either commercial or residential purposes is quite an investment. Hence, it is extremely important to take specific actions to lengthen the lifespan of the furniture, so that you get the maximum returns. Proper care also ensures saving money in the long run.

If the furniture in your house or office is looking dull, scratched, torn or outdated, it doesn&rsquot necessarily mean you have to run to a showroom to buy new ones. It just means that had you taken care of the furniture from the beginning, it would have lasted for a really really long time.

In this blog, we are listing a few handy easy methods that will ensure a long life of your furniture. Let&rsquos read on:

  1. Keep them clean

The first and foremost care tip and anything and everything in this world is to keep them clean. Dust is a major factor why most furniture end up looking dull. Also, if you have furry pets, you need to go an extra mile for cleaning. This is because hairs from pets can clod the screws, making them rusty.

  1. Oiling

Oiling the screws go a long way in maintaining the life of a furniture. Make sure to oil the nuts, bolts and screws of your furniture with a mineral based oil once a month. Well functioning screws means a longer life for the furniture.

  1. Read the manufacturer&rsquos guidelines

A mistake most of us make is that we don&rsquot read the guidelines or the instructions manual of the furniture before setting them up. Doing so not only increases the risk of faulty setting, but also it makes the furniture prone to breakage.

  1. Re-setting the furniture

Many a times, a faulty chair or a table can be fixed and used as new by simply re-setting the knots. However, to do the same, you will have to read the instruction manual thoroughly.

  1. Cover them

Cover the furniture that you own as much as possible. You may use rugs, table cloths or mats to do the same. Doing so will not only save your furniture from dust but also from additional manual damage. Also, covering the furniture will ensure longevity of their color.

However, the most important tip for a long life of furniture is to go for quality. ALWAYS. If you are opting for rented furniture, stick for quality as well. Trendy pieces are often cheap, but they not only end up being outdated after a certain period of time, but also look dull and torn pretty soon. Hence, the key is to choose quality over anything else.

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