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Find Homes to Rent easily. RealtyMonk makes renting a home a stress-free experience!

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Ready-to-move in homes free of Brokerage Fees & Stress


Once you book a home with RealtyMonk, It is yours unless you cancel.


No More Running After Brokers No ‘Brokerage Fees’ To Be Paid


A Home For Every Budget RealtyMonk Handles All The Paperwork

No Brokers Or Owners Involved. Rent Your Home Directly From RealtyMonk

Search & Find Your Dream Home Easily

Search RealtyMonk’s listings and shortlist the options for your dream home. Once booked, the home is yours to finalise unless you cancel

Guided Home Visits

Get a guided tour of the homes you shortlisted with a RealtyMonk official. Verify the home and locality yourself before you book and move in.

Moving In Simplified

RealtyMonk helps Tenants with the paperwork. All the tenants have to do is move in to their new homes.

Why You Should Opt For A RealtyMonk Stress-Free Home?

Hassle-Free Home Search & Booking Process

  • Multiple Home Options Available
  • Detailed Information About Every Listing To Help Tenants Make An Informed Choice
  • Tenants Deal Directly With RealtyMonk – No Brokers/home owners involved
  • RealtyMonk’s Guided Home Visits help tenants verify the condition of the house and surrounding areas before committing to their new home.
  • Fair Rentals & Assistance With Paperwork

Possession & Maintenance

  • All homes listed on RealtyMonk are in our possession and will be handed over to tenants in the condition shown on the site listing.
  • Assistance with moving in – Packers & Movers, Home Décor and Furniture and appliance rentals
  • Easy termination & deposit retrieval process
  • Express resolution of maintenance & repair requests

Why tenants choose RealtyMonk homes

Informed Choice

Tenants are given extensive details about the property that interests them on the RealtyMonk listings We also ensure that any listing booked by a tenant is kept available for that customer till either the time they move in or cancel the booking.

End-to-end assistance with paperwork

RealtyMonk manages the entire rental process end-to-end. Including all paperwork, contracts etc

Easy Possession

All homes listed for rent on RealtyMonk are in our possession and once all paperwork is complete. Tenants can move into these houses immediately with the assurance that the homes are in tip-top condition for immediate occupancy.


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