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10 days from delivery or installation (as applicable)* Damaged, Defective, Item not as described Replacement

All products bought from RealtyMonk can be returned within 10 days from the date of delivery, if for the following reasons:

  • Damaged on arrival
  • In-correct purchase
  • Wrong product delivered
  • Manufacturing defect/expired product

If you have purchased the product as a registered user, you can follow the steps mentioned below to initiate a return. If you're a guest user or a registered customer, please click on the return tab.

STEP 1: Initiate a Return Request

  • Login to your account
  • Go to my orders
  • Click on RETURN for item you wish to return
  • Select the reason for return and upload supporting photographs
  • Hit Submit

Step 2: Share Info for Pick Up

Our Representative will call you within 48 Hours to confirm date of pick up

Step 3: Pick Up

Handover the item you wish to return to our RealtyMonk executive.


➤ RealtyMonk Easy Return Policy is applicable only for 10 days from the date of delivery of the product and applicable only for the following reasons:

  • Damaged on arrival.
  • Manufacturing defect/Expired product
  • Wrong product delivered
  • In-correct purchase.

➤ The time of delivery of the product will be set on the confirmation received by our logistics team or courier partners. The refund amount will be equal to the Paid amount for an item.

➤ The product to be returned should be unused and have the original price tags attached to it

➤ On certain Products the Seller’s or Brand’s Warranty may supersede RealtyMonk’s Easy Return Policy.

➤ Locations where we do not have reverse pick up facility, we may request you to self-ship the product to us or dispose/ destroy them.

➤ Customized orders cannot be returned.

➤ Once your return claim is Accepted, refunds will be processed within 3-5 working days.

➤ Depending on the mode of payment, Banks and Payment Gateways will take between 7-10 working days to credit the amount to your account.

Our customers are our priority and we strive hard for their satisfaction.

For further details, call (9108552727).

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Security Deposit (Fully Refundable): Rs.10000

(1 month = 30 days)


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Total Amount Payable:INR 20000

We accept Cash/Card on Delivery.

Online payment and offer flexible EMIs

Solo Microwave Oven

An all-purpose microwave oven, this once man army can used for multiple purposes ranging from cooking noodles to heating biryani. This is best suited for people mostly on the go and who wish to relish on tasty food every once in a while. Buying one doesn’t make any sense when you cannot rent the same for less than half the amount, right?


  • Capacity: 15 ltrs to 25 ltrs
  • Material & Color

    • Material:Metal
    • Colour: black

    Additional Info

    • Light Weight
    • Assembly: Not Required

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    1. Is there any extra delivery fee charged
    2. Yes. One is eligible for free delivery on an order amount of over Rs. 5000 (in Bangalore and Chennai).

    3. Can I return a product after delivery
    4. Well, yes. But you have to request the return order within 24 hours from the time of placing the order.

    5. Will the assembly be done by the delivery guy
    6. Yes. However, there may be charges quoted for loading and unloading of the item. Terms and conditions applied.

    7. Where do you provide service
    8. As of now, we are currently operating in Bangalore and Chennai.

    9. Do I need to keep any ID proof with me for/during ordering/delivery
    10. There is no requirement for identification proof while ordering. But for the delivery of prepaid items, you will have to show a proof of identity to the delivery person.

    11. How long does the products take to be delivered
    12. It doesn’t take any longer than 48-72 hours for the item of your choice to reach you.

    13. Will I be able to choose the time of the delivery
    14. Absolutely! We dispatch the items within 48 hours from the time of placing the order. Hence once can choose the time for delivery any time after the slot of 48 hours.

    15. Can I choose/order (for) a specific brand/model while ordering
    16. In RealtyMonk, we have the best of the brands listed out for renting. But if you are on search for a particular brand or model, you may place an order for the same; though the availability is completely subjective to the stocking of the item. Also note that the charges applied for a specific brand or model will differ from the one cited in the website.

    1. Do I have to pay any security deposit prior to ordering
    2. Yes. RealtyMonk takes 20% of the order amount as a security deposit.

    3. How can I cancel an order after ordering
    4. Oh no! What went wrong? If you want to reconsider your order, you can cancel the same within 48 hours from the time of placing the order.

    5. Will I get a refund after cancellation
    6. Well, RealtyMonk’s refund policy solely depends on the time duration between placement and cancellation of the order. That is, there will be a full refund if the order is cancelled within 48 hours from the time of delivery. Any action post that will call for a deduction of 50%.

    7. How do I make the payment for an order
    8. Just like any other shopping portals, you can pay for our products through certified payment methods like online transfer/Bank transfer/PayTM.

    9. How do I make the monthly payments
    10. We accept all sort of payments- online transfer/Bank transfer/PayTM.

    11. Can I pay in advance
    12. Yes, you can. We accept advance payments for a maximum period of 1 year.

    13. Can I pay by cheque/DD
    14. Absolutely. However, if the cheque bounces the charge will be borne by the tenant.

    15. Will there be any late fee if I fail to make the monthly payment on the due date
    16. The due date for the payment of rent is the 10th of every month. However, in case of delayed payment, 10% of the rent amount will be charged as a penalty.

    17. How do I apply my coupon
    18. You just have to enter the coupon code during checking out while making the payment.

    19. Is my security deposit refundable
    20. The refund of security deposit is subjective to: • The term of lease does not exceed the time of 1 year. • The item is returned in sound and functional condition. • The item has not been repaired more than thrice during the term of lease. • You have informed us about the termination before 30 days. Succumbing to any of the above factors will nullify the refund process.

    21. Do I have to notify the company if I want to terminate my lease prior to the due date
    22. Yes. The tenant is supposed to notify us about the termination of lease 30 days prior to the date. In only doing so, the tenant will be eligible for the refund of security deposit, if any.

    1. I want to change/upgrade my lease. How do I make the changes
    2. It’s simple. Just inform us about your change of plans 30 days prior to the date of termination. Also, you will have to produce the documents of lease to our acquisition team while extending the tenure.

    3. Is there any minimum time limit set for renting
    4. Yes. Sadly, we do not lease for a term less than 2 months.

    5. f I want to return the product before the due date, how do I proceed
    6. Not to worry about that. Just inform us 30 days before the due date. However, please note that there won’t be any refund and the same rent charges will apply.

    7. What if I do not return the item even after the termination of the lease
    8. If a tenant fails to return the item to the company within 3 days (maximum period) after the termination of the tenure, 10% of the order amount will be levied as an interest charge every month, until the company receives the product back. However, this will continue for a grace period of 3 months, after which the tenant will have to abide by our penalty procedure.

    9. Will there be any refund if there is premature termination of lease
    10. Yes, only if the termination is notified 30 days prior to the due date. Failing to do this will nullify the refund.

    1. The item I rented broke down. What do I do now
    2. Please inform us ASAP! Our maintenance team will get back to you.

    3. I have made a service request; do I need to pay for the same
    4. If the first service request is placed within 15 days from the date of delivery, you do not need to pay for it. However, after that, every service done is chargeable.

    5. Are there any regular service and maintenance guaranteed by you on the products
    6. We provide doorstep service and maintenance facility if and when requested. The maintenance done within 15 from the date of delivery is free of any charges.

    7. If I get a service done on my own, will the money be refunded to me
    8. No. There is no refund on the price paid for service and maintenance.

    9. Will the product be replaced if it is found to be beyond repair
    10. If and when a product is damaged, the tenant should immediately inform the company about the same. If the cause of damage is found to be natural upon inspection by our team, it will be replaced. Terms and conditions will apply though.