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How to lengthen the life of your furniture

Furniture are costly, and buying a piece or two for either commercial or residential purposes is quite an investment. Hence, it is extremely important to take specific actions to lengthen the lifespan of the furniture, so that you get the maximum returns. Proper care also ensures saving money in the long run.

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Best and Worst Home Improvements

Home improvements are inevitable when you decide to put your house in the market for sale. Changes in the look and feel of the house is important to make it list in the top. Thus, re-modelling kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms etc. have become quite trendy among home owners while putting up for sale or rest.

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Why shouldn’t you house-hack your property?

House hacking is a new and curious term in the real estate industry, which was coined by Brandon Turner, an English real estate investor. It basically translates to a situation when a house owner gets a tenant or a roommate to pay off the loan/mortgage amount by cohabiting. It is different from other forms of real estate, where the home owner resides in the place which is bought or invested in.

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The ultimate check list for new home owners

So you have finally closed the deal on your dream house. The strenuous process of looking for houses is over, and you have now a place to call your own. But moving to a new place can be really intimidating, even confusing at times. There is so much to take care of, where do you even start!

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Different ways to hack your house

The term “Hacking the house” has been designed by an English realtor Brandon Turner during the early 2000s. Hacking a house means when a person purchases a property, live in a part of it and rent the other part to an other party. Please note that hacking a house is not the same as subletting an apartment; as to hack a house one has to be the legal owner of the same. Hacking a house is widely popular in the real estate industry because it is an easy way for the house owner to manage the house loan. In this way, the rent paid by the tenants or the roommates act as monthly installments for the home loan.

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