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Best fabric for living room sofas

Sofas and couches have the power to make or break the look of a living room. While some pieces make the room extremely classy, some others have the power to drag down the look entirely. And many a times, sofa fabrics play a big role in this. Many a sofa fabrics available in the market are priced steeply, but they do nothing for the look and feel of the room. Also, they are not dust or stain resistant.

Thus, is it extremely important to choose quality fabric for sofas and couches. In this article, we are listing the best sofa fabrics that are of supreme, and not priced exorbitantly. Let&rsquos read on.

  1. Textured Cotton Fabric

Though many have the opinion that cotton as a fabric for sofa can hang lose or get stained or even tear away fast, this doesn&rsquot stand true for textured cotton fabric. The reasons to choose textured cotton for sofas are many. First, they are good on the skin. Second, they are all weather friendly. Thirdly, they look extremely classy. However, the only issue is that they do not resist stain and get dirty too often. But with some smart sofa cleaning hacks, you can easily keep up the look and quality of the sofa for long.

  1. Leather

The most common and the most luxurious of all, leather makes an amazing fabric for sofas. A leather sofa has the power to bring class, sophistication and comfort all at once to the living room. Well known for its luxurious feel, leather becomes softer and better with time. The biggest advantage of owning a leather sofa is that it practically lasts for ever and the trend never goes out of fashion. The only catch is that they are of high maintenance, but easy to take care of if you know the tips and tricks.

  1. Microfiber

Microfiber fabrics are mostly smooth and give a glossy look. Suede is a good example of such fabric. These fabrics are stain resistant and require very little to no care at all. They come in different colours and textures, and you can choose from a lot based on your taste and budget. Though most microfibers can be cleaned by water using a wet cloth to wipe, it is best advisable to read the information booklet before doing so.

  1. Vinyl

Vinyl is as versatile as leather is often called as the &lsquoleather of the poor.&rsquo This fabric has a smart look and finish, and is priced pretty affordably. Also, the best thing about vinyl is that it is stain resistant and can be cleaned just by water. For any furniture that is going to be used vigorously, Vinyl can be the perfect choice.

We hope you like our list. We have also written an extensive article on the tips and tricks to take care of furniture for their longevity. Click here to read about it.