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Best and Worst Home Improvements

Home improvements are inevitable when you decide to put your house in the market for sale. Changes in the look and feel of the house is important to make it list in the top. Thus, re-modelling kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms etc. have become quite trendy among home owners while putting up for sale or rest.

While remodelling the house is often viewed to add value to the property, many a times there are also a number of pitfalls that end up costing the owner worse. Such home improvements are mostly costly, ineffective and typically unnecessary that yield little or no value to the property.

In this article today, we are listing the best and worst types of home improvements, that play a vital role in the performance of a house in the real estate market.

Lets start with the BEST first-

  1.  Kitchen cabinets and countertops

Kitchen designs tend to change every season. Hence, it is wise to remodel the kitchen if and when the house is put on the market. Click here to read about some of the trendiest kitchen decors making heads turn this season.

  1. Outside the house

In the real estate market, looks always matter. So changing the look of the house from the outside is mandatory if you want results. A new coat of paint, a fresh garden, a clean portico or a neat lawn will give the house a polished look.

  1. The master-bedroom

In the real estate business, deals make or break over the size of the bedroom. Master bedrooms can be remodelled by re-painting the walls, changing the look of the wardrobe or even by adding window-frames.

  1. The basement or the attic

Many homeowners completely ignore the condition of the basement. However, a well maintained basement is not only hygienic, but also adds values to the value when put for sale.

Now coming to the renovations that are mostly ineffective and hence typically unnecessary, this is the list we have made-


  1. A new roof

Adding a new roof to the house during the time of sale rarely add any value to the property. Firstly, any new construction makes the house dirty and hence unappealing to the buyer. Second, constructions are a personal choice and the buyer might not be appreciative of the same. Third, it increases the maintenance cost of the property manifold.

  1. Custom designs

Designs like wine cellar, aquarium, swimming pools or any such extravagant ideas look good in movies or for a certain high class buyers. Not everybody is appreciative of such ideas and for the majority of common people, such custom designs hold no importance or value.

  1. Fancy technology

Similar to custom designs, fancy technologies do not appease the common buyers as well. They are costly, incomprehensible and sometimes totally unnecessary. Hence, keeping things simple actually helps.

  1. Light installations

Electricity is an expensive component. Thus, fancy light installations in and around the house are seen as extravagant by buyers. As said above, keep things simple and subtle while putting the house in the market.

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