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Terms & Condition

RealtyMonk provides its services to help simplify the ‘home rental’ experience for both home owners and tenants (hereafter referred to as Users) without the added costs of brokerage.

To use the services of the RealtyMonk website ( and app, users have to acknowledge and comply with the following terms and conditions and our privacy policy. By agreeing to these terms and conditions, users represent that they are of age and understand the ramifications of any violations of RealtyMonk’s terms and conditions.

Why does RealtyMonk Collect Data and What Is Done With It?

a) Accounts and Access Limits

Users of RealtyMonk are only allowed to create a single account. Users can log in using their email id/ contact number. Certain sections of RealtyMonk off limits for guest users. Users will have to register or Log in to access these locked off sections of the site.

Users are also responsible for all the activity that occurs using their account, with or without their knowledge. Users are also expected to maintain the confidentiality of their account and not share their username and password. User who share their confidential account details may find their accounts suspended or terminated.

Users are also required to inform RealtyMonk about any unauthorised use of their accounts or any other breach of security.

RealtyMonk is not responsible for any loss or damage caused to the user if they fail to comply with RealtyMonk’s rules regarding site access.

b) Registration Information Requirements

Any information given while registering must be true to the best of the user’s knowledge. RealtyMonk does not take any responsibility for any inaccurate information posted by users.

All information given by users at the time of registration is liable to be used by RealtyMonk to verify the account to weed out brokers and others that may not meet the criteria set out for users which the company is not liable to either divulge or justify.

c) Usage Prohibitions

Users of RealtyMonk are expected to ensure that their account is not used to spread objectionable posts including provocative images (obscene, lewd, nude, sexually explicit and exploitative), profane language and imagery, and other such posts including anything racist and liable to cause religious tensions.

RealtyMonk’s Users are warned that the usage of their profiles to send illegal links, illicit material and malicious codes not limited to viruses, trojans and worms will see their accounts terminated and the offending user reported to the relevant authorities.

RealtyMonk users are also warned that the usage of your account for Phishing and other scams or any attempt to hack the site to garner confidential data will result in the immediate termination of the account and the user in question being reported to the police.

RealtyMonk is not in any way responsible for the content posted by users on the site or app. Users are encouraged to inform RealtyMonk about any objectionable content they come across to help us keep the site clean and of any violations they may have noticed regarding their account data.

d) Notifications & Emails

Users agree to receive notifications and communication emails from RealtyMonk as part of the registration process. RealtyMonk will send users notifications and emails to showcase the various services on offer. Users can opt out of receiving notifications and promotional emails from RealtyMonk.

Users, however, cannot opt out of the communication email service which is used by RealtyMonk to stay in touch with clients who have availed of our Property Management Services or have rented a home from us.

e) Contracts, Invalidation and Denial Of Services

Users who sign up for either our Property Management Services or our home rental services are expected to verify for their own benefit the terms of said contract. Any breach will see the contract being invalidated and RealtyMonk denying any services and terminating the compact with the user responsible for the invalidation. RealtyMonk, its directors, employees and agents cannot be held responsible for any losses caused by the termination of the contract.

f) Third Party Content

RealtyMonk contains features content from third-parties including location services using Google Maps among other information. RealtyMonk cannot be held responsible for the accuracy, quality and soundness of the content provided by third-party vendors or for any interactions by users making use of said data.

Certain third-party vendors may use your location data to target you with ads. Also note, that some third-party vendors may ask permission to send you promotional emails.

RealtyMonk, its directors, employees , agents , suppliers and partners are in no way liable for any injury, claim, loss of profits, revenue, savings, data, or any similar damages, arising from your use of any of our services . RealtyMonk and it directors, employees and agents are not liable for any other claim or loss related in any way to your use of our service that may be due to errors or omissions in any content on the site.

h) Indemnification

Users agree to indemnify and defend RealtyMonk, its directors, employees, agents, partners, service providers and suppliers from any claim including lawyer’s fees made by a third party which arises from your wrongful use and therefore breach of the terms and conditions of RealtyMonk and the documents espoused by the company or by your own violation of the law or the rights of the third party.

i) Severability

If any provision or section of these terms are determined by the law of the land to be unenforceable, void or unlawful, then the offending section/sub-section will be determined to be severed from these terms and services. However, the severance of said section shall not affect the validity and enforceability of the rest of RealtyMonk’s terms and conditions mentioned above.

j) Governing Law

These terms and conditions along with any contract users sign with RealtyMonk are in accordance and governed by the laws governing Karnataka, India. Any legal disputes fall under the jurisdiction of the state courts located in Bangalore, Karnataka, India.

k) Changes in Terms & Conditions

RealtyMonk reserves the right to change the terms & conditions of use without any notice to the user.

l) Contact Information

For any queries regarding RealtyMonk’s Terms & Conditions contact us at