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RealtyMonk Privacy Policy

RealtyMonk aims to simplify the ‘home rental’ experience for owners and tenants by eliminating brokerage charges. So when owners and tenants use our services, they trust us with the information they share. RealtyMonk’s Privacy Policy details what data we collect from our users, why and how we collect it, what we do with it and how we keep it safe.

What Data Does RealtyMonk Collect?

Owners and tenants accessing RealtyMonk through either the website or the app need to log in to view sections restricted to registered users. To create an account with RealtyMonk users need to reveal their Name, registered email-id and phone number. Users can also sign in using their google and facebook accounts. RealtyMonk also collects details about your IP address, location and device.

When either a landlord or tenant signs a contract with RealtyMonk, he/she has to submit identifying documents as required by government requirements including identity and residence proofs and bank account details. This information is consensually shared to Realty Monk by the user and is considered sensitive.

Why does RealtyMonk Collect Data and What Is Done With It?

RealtyMonk collects data about its users for the following purposes

  1. We use your name, phone number and email id to help create a profile for users on RealtyMonk.
  2. Allow RealtyMonk to communicate with users looking to rent out their homes or those wishing to find a home to stay. We communicate with both owners and tenants via email and over the phone.
  3. Location data helps RealtyMonk find precisely where our users are browsing either the website or the app from and tailor the site to show the homes available nearest to them.
  4. We use cookies and other tech to determine among other things the type of device you are using to browse the website or app to render the web page or app to best suit your device’s display.

How Does RealtyMonk Keep Your Data Safe?

RealtyMonk ensures that all data stored in our databases is kept secure by using the best available security regulations for data protection in the industry. RealtyMonk only allows personal directly authorized to interact with the user to access information related to the account to ensure the security of the data.

RealtyMonk may disclose data about accounts if requested by governmental agencies in case of an audit or in case of a security issue. Details about the user may also be shared by RealtyMonk to the relevant authorities in case said person is in violation of RealtyMonk’s terms and conditions as specified in the contract signed.