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Things to look into before buying a house in Nepal

Nepal is referred as one of the most peaceful nations in the world, complimented with fresh air, green canopy and polite and hardworking nationals. Of-late Nepal has become a major tourist destination for people across the globe, specially South East Asia. Though the laws surrounding the buy and sale of real estate in the country are stringent, many people from different parts of the world are investing in the commercial real estate of the country.

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Home safety tips that no one tells you about

The importance of being safe cannot be stressed enough in a sentence. And when it the aspect of home safety is taken into consideration; the struggle is real. Home safety has always been a topic of disregard among people, and a safe home is considered a matter of privilege for many. Though it cannot be denied that not everyone around us has access to a safe and secure home, it can also be said that the ‘safety’ as a concept is perceived with an air of negligence. This attitude has made talks around ‘safety’ a secretive discourse.

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How to stick to your budget while buying a house?

Buying a house seems to be a distant dream when the budget is stringent. And if you are being repeatedly told to cut down on your monthly budget to be able to live your life, its time to shun them away. We say this because, it is absolutely possible to get the exact house of your dreams, without having to compromise with your lifestyle.

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Real Estate Industry, Social Media and Marketing

The changing face of the real estate industry can be attributed to a series of influencing factors, of which social media strategies can be definitely considered to be a pivotal one. With the advancement of technology, screening the newspaper for property ads or scrolling the phonebook for a real estate agent’s number has become old school. The buyer demographic has significantly shifted from offline market research to online research. Online research has become a significant process in the buy, sell, and rent of both commercial and residential properties.

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Tips to increase traffic in your property-listings

Have you ever thought that if a house is really nice but no one looks at it, does the look really matter? For a seller, the most important thing is visibility. With every passing day, there is a hoard of inventory added in the real estate market- in various categories. So, in a market that runs predominantly on constant improvements in the methods of wooing the clientele, getting traffic and engaging the same is utterly important.

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