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Have a property in Malaysia? Earn from them in the following ways

When we talk of property, we usually refer to two categories- residential property and commercial property. Depending on the type of property that you own, there can be returns fixed, which can be further categorized into two- direct and indirect.

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If you are in Thailand for Christmas, do these

Christmas is just around the corner, and you must have some big plans waiting. If you are in Thailand for the festive season, there is some news for you. Though Christmas in Thailand is not a traditional holiday, it is increasingly gravitating towards maximizing business during the festive season, thanks to the tourism industry.

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Best places to buy furniture in Bangkok

Bangkok is a shoppers paradise, but one is not smart and careful enough, shopping can get tricky and expensive on the pockets. If you are keen on upgrading your furniture collection or just want to set up your new place, it is advisable for you do your research a bit and then settle for a store.

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5 places in Thailand that is easily accessible by train

For better or worse, Thailand as a holiday destinnation has become syonymous to torquoise blue water and white sandy beaches. However, one who has explored every nook and corner of the country would know that this does not stand true. Thailand is as much of scenic greenery as of beaches, and the best way to explore these green paradise on Thailand is by trains. Most of the touristy places near Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand are within a distance of 4-5 hours from the city. Though Bangkok has a gritty charm to it itself, one tends to get bored post the obligatory shopping and eating spree. In such a scenario, train rides to the countryside Thailand can be an ideal way to relax and enjoy the vacation.

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Important things to consider before renting a villa in Phuket

The biggest concern for tourists visiting Phuket is to find a safe, hygienic and yet affordable place to stay during the vacation. Now, while there are throngs of hotels, home stays, hostels, villas etc. in all the nook and corners of the town, there is no dearth of space for the sprawling tourists. However, if you are a tourist and are looking forward to book a villa in Phuket, you need to be aware of some rules and tips that will make the process smooth, swift, secure and affordable.

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