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Tips to design a small balcony garden

Who doesn’t love a big sprawling garden in their house? Every one of us wants to wake up to a dew-soaked garden, but to be honest, it is a luxury only enjoyed by a handful few. However, it does not imply that we should prevent ourselves from building our own little cozy green space. With smart management and some handy tips, you can build a small garden in your balcony, irrespective of the size of the house you are living in.

In this article today, we have brought to you some amazing tips and ideas to introduce that perfect green spot in your house.

> Pick the Spot- The first and foremost tip to convert your balcony into a garden is to plan it well. While trying to convert your balcony into a garden, divide it into three areas- the garden area, the seating area, and the utility area. It is advisable to reserve the sunny area for the garden and the coolest area for seating purpose. The area where you will be storing your garden essentials might be stored in closed containers or multi-utility units.

> The furniture story- Choosing furniture is a key factor while designing a balcony garden. Ideally, garden furniture should be light and weatherproof. You can also go for small foldable chairs which will not only save a lot of space but also can be used on other occasions as well. You can choose a theme like a reading area, hand out space, utility space or dining space and buy and place the furniture accordingly.

> Light factor- While a balcony garden wouldn’t need any artificial lighting during the day, installing a light for the night not only will give the space a nice look and feel but will also make it multipurpose. However, do not add too many lights, as this will make your space look small and cluttered. Also, do not use lights, furniture or wall color of darker shades, as this too will make space look tiny. Warm tones and light colors are the best options for you.

> Additions- You can also accessorize your balcony by adding statement additions, but be careful not to add big chunky pieces. You can go for a small chandelier and make it the center attraction piece of your balcony. Or have colorful pots hanged in the wall and give a nice vibrant and colorful effect to your balcony. If you have a knack for artifacts, you can install fountain figurines or statues to a corner of the balcony.

> DIYs- there are so many you can make your balcony garden look quirky, yet classy and vibrant. You can have color synchronized flower pots, or pedestals to shelf the pots, or make pots out of cans, tins, wooden crates etc. if your balcony has a railing, you can also color coordinate with your furniture and theme is based on the seasons.

Building a garden is not a tough task, you just have to plan your space properly. By adding some low maintenance, yet beautiful indoor and balcony plants, you can change the look of your house-garden in no time.