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The ultimate check list for new home owners

So you have finally closed the deal on your dream house. The strenuous process of looking for houses is over, and you have now a place to call your own. But moving to a new place can be really intimidating, even confusing at times. There is so much to take care of, where do you even start!

Keeping in mind that the time right after moving to a new home is tough for the home owners, we are listing down the most important things to mind on. Please note that not everything can be done in a day and it takes a long time to finally settle down in a new home. However, our list will help you understand the urgency of the matters, and will help you prioritize your course of action.

So let’s read on-

  1. Make copies of important real estate documents and store them in a safe place-

If you have bought a house, you sure must have a stack of important documents. Make sure you have duplicate copies of every document, and the original are kept safe in a bank locker or any other place.

  1. Change/update your address-

You do not want to be cut off from the rest of the world just because you have changed homes. Change/update your postal address for all sorts of bills and subscriptions. You would also want to inform your friends and family about the new address.

  1. Replace every lock in your house

Security is a matter of utmost concern. Thus it is extremely important to change the locks of each and every door, gate and window of the house right after moving in.

  1. Install a new security system

Security systems take the matter of security a notch higher and have become quite mandatory in the modern house. Install one to stay safe and secure.

  1. Do a deep cleaning and call an expert, if necessary.

Deep cleaning your house inside out before moving in is necessary to keep off any dirt and bacteria. Also, deep cleaning is necessary for wiping off rodents and pests off.

  1. Get a home insurance

Now that you own a house, it is extremely important for you to have a home insurance for all those inevitable bad times. Do your research and book one that will be most beneficial for you.

  1. Create a seasonal home maintenance checklist

Like our food and clothes, the maintenance list of our houses too change with the weather. Thus, create a seasonal home maintenance checklist keeping in mind your budget and taste.

  1. Check the electronic appliances

Electronic appliances like ACs, water heaters etc need to be examined professionally before signing off any deal.

  1. Check for any sort of leakage

Air or water leakage are very harmful to the health. They also affect the condition of the house, deteriorating its condition over time. Hence, it is important to hire an expert to check and mend all the leakages before moving in.

  1. Meet the neighbors

No moving in can be complete without actually mingling with the neighbors and the neighborhood. Get to know your neighbors to make your moving in really smooth and easy.

Let us know in the comment section below about our list.