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Real Estate Industry, Social Media and Marketing

The changing face of the real estate industry can be attributed to a series of influencing factors, of which social media strategies can be definitely considered to be a pivotal one. With the advancement of technology, screening the newspaper for property ads or scrolling the phonebook for a real estate agent’s number has become old school. The buyer demographic has significantly shifted from offline market research to online research. Online research has become a significant process in the buy, sell, and rent of both commercial and residential properties.

Social media portals like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and, YouTube have developed special marketing features to serve the needs of the real estate industry. Posting pictures of the probable listings on Instagram help in generating leads for any business to bloom. Also, being active in Instagram and Facebook stories helps the company in building a relationship with the clientele base. Social media portals are fast becoming widely popular in each and every nook and corner of the world, and hence, social media marketing is a very effective way to penetrate in the market better.

According to a study, a post shared in Facebook gets 20 times more responses in a week than a printed advertisement. Similarly, sharing 15 seconds of a video clip of the house up for sale will also be a winning strategy.

Without a doubt, Facebook is the king of social media. Here with the help of business profile and boosting posts to the targeted population to the targeted location, a post of the available property will get delivered to the where it is aimed to be. Another social media portal, Twitter, acts as a bridge of communication between buyers, sellers and, investors. The real estate investors should use the platform to connect with the local business people, brands and influencer. Chatting up with relevant locals is a time-tested way to become more recognizable in the community by reaching more buyers and sellers. When it comes to the professional online networking, LinkedIn is in the top list. Agents and investor use LinkedIn to establish their professional reputation online.

Apart from the content, many professionals unanimously believe that videos have the best return on investment. Uploading of neighborhood or home tour of the available home will help in attracting views from the buyers, in addition to making the listing easier for buyers to discover when they search an area on YouTube. Snapchat eventually is also making a big impact when it comes to selling a home. Taking short videos inside the home will help the home hunters in visualizing what is living in that home be while showing off the properties’ amenities.

Social media marketing has outcomes that was unfathomable a decade back. But the IT boom has transformed the face of many businesses, including the real estate industry, giving it a humongous boom.