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How to prepare your house for sale

Selling a property, for that matter any property is not a piece of cake. To sign the deed of sale, the seller needs to undergo a rigorous process of preparation. There are several factors to be considered while transferring the rights of the property from one person to the other, including the legal and financial aspect, among others.

In this article today, we have listed some of the basic preparations and precautions to be taken while signing up a property for sale-

> Repair- Before signing up a property for selling, it is extremely important to repair the house, both internally and externally. A property that looks clean, organized and fresh will attract more buyers.

> Amenities- A modern day buyer looks for a specific list of amenities while buying a house. If the property you are putting in the market lacks any of such amenities, it would seriously hamper the offers. Amenities like power back, lift, 24x7 water supply, wi-fi, guarded security, etc. are mandatory to sell a property.

> Paperwork- When talking about the legal aspects of selling a house, paperwork becomes mandatory. Hire a lawyer and prepare a set of a government-approved documents of the property so that the transfer of rights would be smooth and swift. The documents should include important details like the name of the seller, the name of the buyer, area of the property, exact location etc. among others.

> Online portals- According to a study, almost 76% of the home buyers these days rely on online surveys, ratings, reviews, postings and listings while investing in a property. Thus, a property that has been posted in different online property listing services will definitely get a better viewership than a property trusting in the age-old method of selling. If you are looking for an online property-listing portal, visit RealtyMonk, and get your queries answered.

> Marker research- As mentioned initially, selling a property is always carried in solidarity with its financial aspects. Before putting your property in the market for sale, research about the current market value and all the related information needed. You will be able to set the price of the property only when you have a fair idea of the current market status.

> Traditional marketing- Along with digital marketing, it is also wise to go for traditional marketing ways, like distributing flyers, setting up a “to sale” sign and spreading the sale through word of mouth.

Selling a house is never an easy process, no matter which part of the world we talk about. The middle men and the brokerage that they levy on each closing deal adds up to the stress. In such a situation, if you are looking for help, you can list your property in RealtyMonk for free. Here, we not only bridge the gap between the buyers and sellers by serving as an intermediary, but our service is also absolutely brokerage fee free. RealtyMonk is the most chosen online multi property listing portal across the globe, smoothening the process of buying, selling and renting of property easy.