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Housewarming gifts that are perfect for a modern day couple

Housewarming, or ‘GRIHA-PRAVESH’ in India as it is called, has come a long way from being an elaborate religious affair to an intimate gathering of just friends and family. For any homeowner, moving to a new house is an exciting phase, and if someone close to you is making the move, you cannot help but feel excited for them. If and when you are invited to a housewarming party, you have to sincerely consider the fact that this might one of the happiest day of the person who has invited you, and he/she have gone the extra mile to invite you and make you a part of your happiness. Thus, it becomes your responsibility to be considerate and get along something.

Housewarmings are the perfect timings to come up with innovative gifting ideas that are not only attractive but also useful. Hence, we have brought to you some amazing gifting ideas that are beautiful, useful and price effective. Also, they are vaastu-friendly!

>> Paper lamps- Paper lamps are not only beautiful, but are also considered to harbinger of luck and prosperity in the oriental culture. You can either gift a single piece of in a set of two. Paper lamps decorating book shelves or bedroom cabinets give the house a classy, yet subtle look.

>> Air-purifying plants- Gifting plants on special occasions is not an old phenomenon, but it is definitely here to stay. While plants like aloe vera and tulsi are good for the health, others like jade, money plants and water bamboo are excellent air purifiers. Now who wouldn't love such thoughtful gifts?

>> Ceramic decorative vases- Ceramic holds a very special place in both Indian and Oriental Cultures. In Japan, it is said that people fix broken pieces of ceramic with liquid gold. A ceramic vase or a ceramic cutlery set will suit best as a housewarming gift for someone who has a knack for showpieces.

>> Fish tanks- If you are on the higher side of your budget or if your friends would like to have fishes as pets, fish tanks, fish bowls or aquariums are the best choice for you. Live fishes in tanks and bowls not only make the aura in the house vibrant, they are also a great source of stress-buster.

>> Crystals- It is said that crystals, when kept facing the north eastern direction of the living room and the bedroom, brings joy and prosperity to the family. The good thing about crystals as a gifting idea is that they come in various sizes, shapes, styles and forms. We assure you that crystals as a gift will definitely be loved by your friends.

Let us know what you think of our list.