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Different ways to hack your house

The term “Hacking the house” has been designed by an English realtor Brandon Turner during the early 2000s. Hacking a house means when a person purchases a property, live in a part of it and rent the other part to an other party. Please note that hacking a house is not the same as subletting an apartment; as to hack a house one has to be the legal owner of the same. Hacking a house is widely popular in the real estate industry because it is an easy way for the house owner to manage the house loan. In this way, the rent paid by the tenants or the roommates act as monthly installments for the home loan.

House hacking is a wise way to generate wealth and manage financial burden for those whose have just started in the journey towards financial independence.

Below mentioned are some of the benefits of house hacking-

  1. House hacking plays an important role in reducing the expenditure on housing of the house owner.
  2. House hacking also saves taxes as it deducts the portion of house expenditure.
  3. It helps the owner to repay the house loans in a much shorter term.
  4. It generates a second source of income for the house owner.
  5. With more people living in the house, it is easier to care and maintain the same.


Now that you know how beneficial house hacking is, you too can house hack your apartment by the following ways-

  1. Advertise the need for a tenant well in advance, so that you can take your fair share of time in choosing the best tenant for your house.
  2. Make sure that your house has all the amenities as per the market standards, so as to keep the demand of your house high in the market.
  3. Maintain a friendly environment in your house, as you will be sharing a space with a tenant as a roommate.
  4. Get your house registered. Non registered houses do receive a lot of flak from tenants when they are put on market.
  5. Get an agreement signed by your tenant to make the whole process of renting out legal. Legalizing renting out saves a lot in the long run.
  6. Before house hacking, make sure about how much interference you want in your house. Sharing a house with a stranger is not easy, and you as an owner has to be very clear about the boundaries.

House hacking can work for almost anyone—families, people living in expensive areas, people living alone inn a big house, etc. We hope that a variation of one of these house hacking strategies work for you. Let us know in the comments section below.