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10 best ways for a student to make easy money

If you are looking for some hassle-free, yet legal ways to make money while still being a student, this is the article for you. We have listed the 10 best ways for students to make money based on personal experience. Let’s read on-

  1. Sell to earn

As a student, the things that you can sale to make money are your old books, notes or study materials, newspapers, clothes and even furniture (basically anything you are not using). Selling is the easiest and cheapest way of making money.

  1. Rent your apartment on Airbnb

Airbnb has made making money easy. If you live in a touristy place and have rooms to spare, listing them online for tourists is a great idea. you can also go ahead with this idea without the involvement of any third party.

  1. Become a driver for Uber

Driving for Uber makes a for a great source of income without any investment. You can also go for other cab services if you can.

  1. Become a tutor

If you have a knack towards teaching and have a clear and thorough understanding of a subject, you can become a tutor. This can be done through both online and offline modes.

  1. Become a research assistant

If you are a university student, this is the best way to earn money for you. Research assistants are high in demand, and also are well paid.

  1. Become a waiter

Becoming a waiter has its own perks. You can choose your work hours, you get free meals and you get tips besides the usual salary.

  1. Become a baby sitter/ house sitting/ dog walker

Such part-time jobs are an easy way to make decent money. They are also in demand all around the year.

  1. Take online surveys

Another easy option of making money is to take online surveys or fill data. Such jobs are high in demand among students who are tech-savvy.

  1. Work for campus IT sector

This one is for the students who have knowledge and inclination towards the world of computers, information, and technology.

  1. Become a teacher’s or library assistant

Just like a research assistant, you can also fill up as a library assistant. Being a teacher’s assistant is another way to make some pocket money, without hampering your studies.


Become a social media influencer. In this age of social media, being an influencer is a great way to make money and get access to free stuff.

Basically, the bottom line to making money while still studying is to do a lot of freelancing work, depending upon your interest. Writer, photographer, cook, waiter- choose any field to make those extra bucks.