10 best ways for a student to make easy money

If you are looking for some hassle-free, yet legal ways to make money while still being a student, this is the article for you. We have listed the 10 best ways for students to make money based on personal experience. Let’s read on-

  1. Sell to earn

As a student, the things that you can sale to make money are your old books, notes or study materials, newspapers, clothes and even furniture (basically anything you are not using). Selling is the easiest and cheapest way of making money.

  1. Rent your apartment on Airbnb

Airbnb has made making money easy. If you live in a touristy place and have rooms to spare, listing them online for tourists is a great idea. you can also go ahead with this idea without the involvement of any third party.

  1. Become a driver for Uber

Driving for Uber makes a for a great source of income without any investment. You can also go for other cab services if you can.

  1. Become a tutor

If you have a knack towards teaching and have a clear and thorough understanding of a subject, you can become a tutor. This can be done through both online and offline modes.

  1. Become a research assistant

If you are a university student, this is the best way to earn money for you. Research assistants are high in demand, and also are well paid.

  1. Become a waiter

Becoming a waiter has its own perks. You can choose your work hours, you get free meals and you get tips besides the usual salary.

  1. Become a baby sitter/ house sitting/ dog walker

Such part-time jobs are an easy way to make decent money. They are also in demand all around the year.

  1. Take online surveys

Another easy option of making money is to take online surveys or fill data. Such jobs are high in demand among students who are tech-savvy.

  1. Work for campus IT sector

This one is for the students who have knowledge and inclination towards the world of computers, information, and technology.

  1. Become a teacher’s or library assistant

Just like a research assistant, you can also fill up as a library assistant. Being a teacher’s assistant is another way to make some pocket money, without hampering your studies.


Become a social media influencer. In this age of social media, being an influencer is a great way to make money and get access to free stuff.

Basically, the bottom line to making money while still studying is to do a lot of freelancing work, depending upon your interest. Writer, photographer, cook, waiter- choose any field to make those extra bucks.

Tips for first year real estate agents

This article is exclusively for the ones who have recently got their real estate agent certificate. First of all, CONGRATULATIONS on this achievement! However, the real estate industry is quite competitive and you will need expert guidance to keep your hold intact.

Thus, in this article we will help you with some tips to begin with, following which you will be able to pave the path of success. However, please note that success is relative and is a state of mind. There are no rigid clear cut methods to achieve success. all we are trying to do is provide you with some life hacks. Let’s read on-

  1. Create a database

The real estate industry is service based, hence you will have to create a database of clients, to whom you can cater to. Prepare a list which suits your needs and one that you can actually work with. It is advisable not to go overboard with the database and certainly not to copy the database of other real estate agents.

  1. Serve more than business

Having said that, do not get in touch with people just for the sake of business. Investing in real estate is one of the lifetime opportunity for many people. Develop friendly relations and have an emotional rapport with the clients.

  1. Invest in yourself

The real estate industry is extremely competitive. So unless you become the best version of yourself, it will be hard for you to sustain in the business. Develop self confidence and qualities that will bring out the professionalism in you. Learn to listen more than you talk. Customer service is crucial, hence learn the ways to appease them.

  1. Do not lie

Never ever hide potential flaws of a property while closing a deal. Not only doing so might cause you to lose your license, this will also be a cause of distrust, ruining you your reputation. Sincerity is the key to success in any field of work.

  1. Be proactive

One important quality that differentiates a good agent from a mediocre one is the approach they use towards their customers. while approaching clients, make sure to understand their needs, and revert. Follow up after closing the deal to get their feedback. This will create a positive field for you in the market.

Real estate agents are under constant pressure to fulfill the needs of the clients. With some tips to keep yourself self motivated and chase your goal, you can emerge to the most sought after agent in the market.

Let us know what did you think of our list.  

How to be a successful real estate agent?

The real estate industry is one of the most competitive sector out there today. Being a real estate agent is in high demand, hence the rising competition. Many real estate agents go a long way to build a strong, successful and healthy career, but it is only in the hands of a few that the real estate industry blooms.

We took to the internet and curated a list of the most important/mandatory habits that make a real estate agent successful. Let’s read on-

  1. Take your job seriously

For a real estate agent, it is important to believe in himself. Work hard towards your goal, and do not assume, even for a second that you are in the mercy of the market. Remember that the real estate agents make or break the market.

  1. Discover ways for self motivation

Self motivation is the best form of motivation. When you realize that you make the market, and not vice-verse, you find ways to keep you motivated all the time, irrespective of circumstances. Reading self help books is a good way to keep yourself motivated for the long run.

  1. Be goal obsessed

As a real estate agent, you will have to deal with the demands of the clients continuously. Also, you will have to close deals, make money and create a brand in the market. These all wont be possible without setting a goal and working tirelessly towards it. To be successful, its extremely important to create goals and work tirelessly to achieve them.

  1. Develop a relationship

Being a real estate agent means that you will be dedicating your life for customer service. Hence, focus on building a relationship first. Make genuine promise and try your best to fulfil them. Healthy relationships are foundation for great success, and only with a good image in the market, you will be able to succeed.

  1. Prioritize

You have set your goals and you are working tirelessly towards achieving them. But have you ever wondered what will happen if you do not streamline your goals and work towards all of them at a time? You will get confused, tired and will eventually lose focus. Thus, it is as much necessary to streamline and prioritize your goals, as to set goals.

The last, but definitely not the least tip is to enhance digital presence. The world is increasingly reducing to a global village, thanks to the mass use of information and technology. If you do not become tech savvy, you might be missing out on a sizeable portion of your clients. Think about it.

Real estate agents become a part of the family, hence it is important to build an image that works for your bright future.

Best fabric for living room sofas

Sofas and couches have the power to make or break the look of a living room. While some pieces make the room extremely classy, some others have the power to drag down the look entirely. And many a times, sofa fabrics play a big role in this. Many a sofa fabrics available in the market are priced steeply, but they do nothing for the look and feel of the room. Also, they are not dust or stain resistant.

Thus, is it extremely important to choose quality fabric for sofas and couches. In this article, we are listing the best sofa fabrics that are of supreme, and not priced exorbitantly. Let&rsquos read on.

  1. Textured Cotton Fabric

Though many have the opinion that cotton as a fabric for sofa can hang lose or get stained or even tear away fast, this doesn&rsquot stand true for textured cotton fabric. The reasons to choose textured cotton for sofas are many. First, they are good on the skin. Second, they are all weather friendly. Thirdly, they look extremely classy. However, the only issue is that they do not resist stain and get dirty too often. But with some smart sofa cleaning hacks, you can easily keep up the look and quality of the sofa for long.

  1. Leather

The most common and the most luxurious of all, leather makes an amazing fabric for sofas. A leather sofa has the power to bring class, sophistication and comfort all at once to the living room. Well known for its luxurious feel, leather becomes softer and better with time. The biggest advantage of owning a leather sofa is that it practically lasts for ever and the trend never goes out of fashion. The only catch is that they are of high maintenance, but easy to take care of if you know the tips and tricks.

  1. Microfiber

Microfiber fabrics are mostly smooth and give a glossy look. Suede is a good example of such fabric. These fabrics are stain resistant and require very little to no care at all. They come in different colours and textures, and you can choose from a lot based on your taste and budget. Though most microfibers can be cleaned by water using a wet cloth to wipe, it is best advisable to read the information booklet before doing so.

  1. Vinyl

Vinyl is as versatile as leather is often called as the &lsquoleather of the poor.&rsquo This fabric has a smart look and finish, and is priced pretty affordably. Also, the best thing about vinyl is that it is stain resistant and can be cleaned just by water. For any furniture that is going to be used vigorously, Vinyl can be the perfect choice.

We hope you like our list. We have also written an extensive article on the tips and tricks to take care of furniture for their longevity. Click here to read about it.

How to lengthen the life of your furniture

Furniture are costly, and buying a piece or two for either commercial or residential purposes is quite an investment. Hence, it is extremely important to take specific actions to lengthen the lifespan of the furniture, so that you get the maximum returns. Proper care also ensures saving money in the long run.

If the furniture in your house or office is looking dull, scratched, torn or outdated, it doesn&rsquot necessarily mean you have to run to a showroom to buy new ones. It just means that had you taken care of the furniture from the beginning, it would have lasted for a really really long time.

In this blog, we are listing a few handy easy methods that will ensure a long life of your furniture. Let&rsquos read on:

  1. Keep them clean

The first and foremost care tip and anything and everything in this world is to keep them clean. Dust is a major factor why most furniture end up looking dull. Also, if you have furry pets, you need to go an extra mile for cleaning. This is because hairs from pets can clod the screws, making them rusty.

  1. Oiling

Oiling the screws go a long way in maintaining the life of a furniture. Make sure to oil the nuts, bolts and screws of your furniture with a mineral based oil once a month. Well functioning screws means a longer life for the furniture.

  1. Read the manufacturer&rsquos guidelines

A mistake most of us make is that we don&rsquot read the guidelines or the instructions manual of the furniture before setting them up. Doing so not only increases the risk of faulty setting, but also it makes the furniture prone to breakage.

  1. Re-setting the furniture

Many a times, a faulty chair or a table can be fixed and used as new by simply re-setting the knots. However, to do the same, you will have to read the instruction manual thoroughly.

  1. Cover them

Cover the furniture that you own as much as possible. You may use rugs, table cloths or mats to do the same. Doing so will not only save your furniture from dust but also from additional manual damage. Also, covering the furniture will ensure longevity of their color.

However, the most important tip for a long life of furniture is to go for quality. ALWAYS. If you are opting for rented furniture, stick for quality as well. Trendy pieces are often cheap, but they not only end up being outdated after a certain period of time, but also look dull and torn pretty soon. Hence, the key is to choose quality over anything else.

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